Wooden sunglasses

Wood sunglasses

Sunglasses that make a difference, with polarized lenses and wooden frames in different styles that will make you look your best. 

Trend in sunglasses by Wooda Sunglasses

Hybrid wooden sunglasses

Meet our hybrid sunglasses made of wood with different materials such as polycarbonate, nylon or steel.


In Wooda Sunglasses we put the best of us to make a unique product, with unmatched quality and resistance. A 100% eco-friendly product. Our sunglasses have a wooden frame made of sustainable materials, caring and respecting the environment. All our products are finished by hand which allows us to take care of every detail and give you the best.

Wooden Watches

We dedicate every minute of our work to create the best products, making them unique and exclusive with each design, with each production. That’s why these wooden watches by Wooda are just what you’re looking for, a man’s or woman’s watch to make a difference.

Wooden Sunglasses

You will not find two sunglasses alike, handmade with an exclusive touch.
These sunglasses are made with different woods, you will not find the same sunglasses because they are hand finished and all of them have small differences. Be exclusive and make a difference, whether it is for you, wooden sunglasses for men or for her, wooden sunglasses for women.